Supriya Elevator Co.(I) Ltd.


Safety being one of the prime absolutes, Supriya follows the following Safety standards in all our Products and Processes.

Each and every one of our Customer gets all these Safety features in addition to world class Quality in all our Product range thus providing additional value for their investment.

  • Hazard Scan training
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Learn and Live training
  • Fatality Prevention Audit training
  • Jumpers certification process
  • Safety Dilemma training
  • Temporary workers induction training /inspections
  • Unannounced Fatality Prevention Audit process
  • Safety Awareness Programme at regular intervals.
  • Level – A & Level – B certification of Employees.
  • Distribution of PPEs. (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Training on usage of Safety equipment.
  • Barricades at all landings at the time of Installation.
  • Certification of all the Tools & Tackles by independent third party Agencies.
  • Regular Field Audit by External Auditors.
  • Annual Equipment Survey.
  • WWJSSS (World Wide Job Site Safety Standards) in all our Products.
    • 1. Car Top Railing
    • 2. Car Top Inspection Panel
    • 3. Lock Out Tag Out
    • 4. High Voltage Guard
    • 5. Pit Switches
    • 6. Pit Ladder
  • PPE such as Safety Belt, Safety Shoe, Hard Hat and Life Lines are must for our employees at worksite.
  • Minimum specification for Scaffolding.
  • Surprise Audit at site for Safety and proper Maintenance.
  • Safety instructions display at critical points.
  • Go and No-Go Audit at Construction Sites.
  • Defensive Driving Programme for all the Employees


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